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Propulsamos el desarrollo de una política proletaria al seno de los trabajadores tras su independencia de clase y una organización de lucha para su liberación de la explotación e instaurar El Gobierno de los Trabajadores, primer paso hacia el socialismo.

Ante la bancarrota capitalista mundial nuestra propuesta es que:


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lunes, 14 de agosto de 2017

Venezuela Democracy against dictatorship?

Venezuela Democracy against dictatorship?

This is not the case. It is not a question of opposing Western democracies to the dictatorship of Maduro, or perhaps the human rights branded by Santos, Uribe's former war minister, or what sea that Trump argues against the constituent is less democratic that the kingdom of "Saudi Arabia" or the agreements of Colombia with the genocidal state of Israel.

The ANC is an apparatus to oxygenate the government on the one hand and subtract the competition to the MUD on the other. It is inoperative to respond to the serious problem of the Venezuelans, nevertheless suffers a hard attack inside and outside the country, in the name of a democracy that is claimed with fascist assaults and threats of economic embargoes of the empire. The environment promoted by the National Constituent Assembly, is to get the support of the majority of Venezuelans, offering speeches that do not solve anything, rather the opposite, the situation is worsening continuously, allowing their development. This ANC is no less democratic than the National Assembly led by the MUD, and even raises more expectations than those centered on NA, by the workers and the communities. Those of the MUD, and demonstrated with the facts made in 2002-2004, blow, lock out and repeal with false signatures that are not democratic, now executing fascist actions.

For the social demands of the workers and for the development of a political alternative of the workers

We have to  get out  the economic crisis to our benefits upon those who sank our country. 

Through the ANC and outside it, we must to do the following:

 Nationalization of Banking and Foreign Trade, under the genuine control of workers to promote industrial and agricultural production, the general increase of wages and the implementation of the mobile scale. Finish impunity requires popularly elected judges, for periods of moderate times and revocable at all times. Change the  missions to autonomous institutes. The Communes must be autonomous managing an assigned budget. For an autonomous and armed popular militia that responds directly to the communities, the workers of the city and the countryside. Militia members also have a comprehensive right to economic and social benefits for their livelihood and  their families. Outside the military, the Sebin and the police forces of labor claims.

For the defense of democratic rights and a united front to defeat the fascist commandos.

The elections showed that the Cilia-Maduro duo was favored over their internal adversary Diosdado Cabello, and the other cliques within the government, the Chavez family, around Asdrúbal Chávez and Jorge Arreaza, Elías Jaua on the other hand, and even minor clans and regional organizations such as Carmen Meléndez.

 the candidates hand down for the elections  to the governors, where the majority of the MUD accepted to participate, and as always there are no alternatives anywhere in the face of the chaos of the economy, which will benefit the workers, the whole pact or dialogue is on the way out of the crisis at our expense.

On the other hand, the assault to the Paramacay barracks to steal weapons, and the movements they supported, but were isolated, indicate that this route is prepared and exploited in the face of the existing political crisis.

There are currently proposals made in the workplace to lead the ANC, but it is impossible of being approved, before the apparatus of the constituents chosen advantageously and representing a government that has long ago failed. The only viable response is to organize autonomously, to discuss the concrete proposals and to approve a plan of struggle, to have a strategy to achieve those objectives in a single step through a Workers' Government. There are no short cuts.
Defeat the capitalists and their defenders, both the government and the MUD and the empire

Build a revolutionary, anti-imperialist front with a Fight Platform.

José Capitán

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