Opción Obrera es la sección venezolana de la CRCI (Coordinadora por la Refundación de la IV Internacional)

Propulsamos el desarrollo de una política proletaria al seno de los trabajadores tras su independencia de clase y una organización de lucha para su liberación de la explotación e instaurar El Gobierno de los Trabajadores, primer paso hacia el socialismo.

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miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Elections to the constituent

Elections to the constituent

Elections to the constituent, is a defeat to the boycott realized by the MUD supported by the governments of the empire.

 Even though the number of votes released by the official entity is not reliable with more or less results, the attendance at polling stations, under threats and fascist facts consummated by the extreme right, is greater than of the so-called popular consultation, carried out by the MUD in previous days, the not-auditable and at the same time accepted by all the empires.

The preparation of the advantageous election rules and the provision of a constituent conformed by the worst of the official chavismo, are reactionary without doubt, but paraphrasing an American president,” is our reactionary ANC”, not the one that fights Trump, the EU, Santos, Almagro et al. 

Using a phrase from a friend Leon Moraria, if Chavismo (official) had planned the disaster, would not have done so well. For the same reason the ANC may be changed in its objective or its perspective and be more reactionary - for the sake of the longed for peace - in order to lead to a great national salvation agreement - Maduro government agreement and MUD - where the workers  and communities are paying for all the broken dishes.

 If they both have something in common is fear of a social revolution, for now to a massive overflow that throws all their plans to the MUD, the government and the respective partners in governments from the US to Russia.

We have to create a revolutionary alternative

The small trade union federation Fusbec of Carabobo state is today the most combative union nucleus at national level, including in its struggles the typical methods of the working class strikes, take of companies, capital and regional mobilizations, participating and demanding union elections in the corresponding periods. Fusbec, transcending the union struggle, participated with its own candidacy in the elections to the ANC, through a wider front, where a program that included class proposals was discussed. In Maracay city and in all the municipalities of Aragua, particularly, the educators were the ones that gave the fight as candidates to the constituent not only against the official line, but making class proposals. La Plataforma de  Lucha de Aragua (The Aragua Fighting Platform:PLA) participates in several spaces carrying a statement on the characterization of the political situation and a concrete program of struggle, approved by several groups. These were examples in the central zone of the country, which demonstrate the way to continue in a path of clearing the official line and liquidator of the PSUV. In different parts of the country, such as Puerto la Cruz and Guayana fighting comrades have the same appreciation.

Fusbec, the unions and a front of workers in fight summon a balance for this Saturday 5 of August, as will do PLA in Maracay.

The permanence in the power of the government, still takes advantage of the momentum that the masses, wrapped by the Chavist populism, in their support, diminishing, in addition to their suspicion by the parties of the MUD. The powerful revolutionary force - which the masses show up, is increasingly tense.

Our task is to liberate and guide this revolutionary force, which advanced in a tenuous step with genuine proposals in its aspiration to be constituent, we know that we have to build the organization that drives those fronts of struggle that take their first steps,on the contrary  the pressure of the vapor will dissipate, by means of the exhaust valve that presents the sectarian left coinciding with the MUD or opportunist giving the benefit of the doubt to a fully rigged constituent.

What is glimpsed after of the electoral participation

The US ratifies  Maduro’s government and suggests that it does not accept other parallel mechanisms of government, AD as the only traditional party of the MUD is detached from the fascist ultra-right line, all the time, the siege is temporarily suspended, however, prices after July 30 were brutally shot-more than usual- that is, the masses suffer even more in the face of the worsening economic crisis.

Everything indicates that an agreement is coming, where  the workers will suffer that agreement. The left is still cooking in its own dilettante critic sauce.

This leads to a deepening of the process of breaking the bases with the leadership of the PSUV and its followers, how to continue to defend an authority whose only common point with the people was the struggle each - in its own way - against the traditional right and pro imperialist

Again, there is another opportunity to make a front that proposes a way out, against the failed nationalism and the ultra-right of the MUD. The strategic perspective is the struggle for the Workers' Government.

The proposals of  Opción Obrera in the Plataforma de Lucha de Aragua  (Aragua Struggle Platform,PLA) and the Wide Front Workers of Carabobo, where the combative Fusbec is located, is the route of the debate that must be ratified and perfected.

For a Labor and Socialist Alternative

For a Revolutionary Worker's Party

José Capitán

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