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sábado, 29 de julio de 2017

Myths and truths regarding to the Constituent

Myths and truths regarding to the Constituent

The constituent is the perfect excuse for  the fascist oligarchic to promote a coup. Although, Opposition previously called for a Constituent Assembly, now they confront the Government with more violence, boycotting Maduro's proposal.

The world's economic situation that collaborated to the Venezuela's  government collapse, also prompted the opposition to leave the government to intend a change in the country's economic policy in favor of foreign capital, through a greater privatization of the oil exploitation busyness. In other words, they found the easy way to recover from the economic crisis at expense of greater Venezuelans sacrifices.

Right now, the politic scene/setting on Venezuela shows on one side, an Opposition, that has no united front, and therefore it has been incapable of assembling  a government proposal; and on the other hand, a Left that does not see the impending danger of a fascist right arising. Consequently, the constituent legislators' elections boycott declared by the left, is an unwise action. 

In a bourgeois democracy, any attempt to advance democratically is limited. Paradoxically Maduro's constituent despite of being far from a democratic mechanism, provides the Right with the perfect scenery for a coup, with the support of international sectors and their governments, to close what is left of democracy.

The motives underlining a coup through the attack of the constituent process, are the same that justified Chavez’s coup in 2002, <that conducted the elaboration of 49 enabling laws and removing PDVSA’s directive>, what it's really on stake is to control without any restriction, the oil reserves that our country has. 

Let as remember Chavez before April 2002, when removing the PDVSA directive, did not intended workers' control over PDVSA, <a control that was later effective in 2003, by allowing the reactivation of the company during The oil lockout>, and even though the removal of that directive, temporarily cost him the presidency, when he returned to power <thanks to the mobilization of the people and the support of a sector of the military forces>, he indulge the coup leaders and restored the old PDVSA directive, which eventually carry through with the already known Lock out oil tanker, that caused so much damage to the country's economy. Chávez supposedly a defender of the country, did not favor the working class, nor the majorities, but instead the parasite bourgeoisie.

Despite of the polluted setting of the constituent,  we consider that participating is the revolutionary alternative that we have, the ANC must be seen as an open field, an opportunity for the sectors of the workers and the communities that struggle can expressed themselves, who still see a loophole, will surely be alarmed by this statement, but there is no more significant combat outside the constituent for now, and within it, there are several fighters who managed to place their input despite the obstacles. And it's necessary to remark that the possibility of participating or being an independent voice, separated from the official medium is of greater consequence to the traditional electoral participation, be they municipal, governor or presidential.

There has never been an alternative, where 79 workers could be divided into 9 subsectors, in addition to pensioners, students, disabled, peasants, communal and territorial, with all the limitations imposed.
The initiatives discussed in assemblies, including those presented by Opción Obrera, even approved on the fighting front, which even led to divisions with opportunistic sectors, before and during the context of the ANC process, may be the way to a congress of workers and fighters who debate a program of struggle as an alternative to a workers' government.

At the moment, Venezuela is the weakest link of the imperialist chain, on the American continent, and it has to be taken as it is, it is not a matter of tastes or desires, or only slogans that are valid but are not the immediate answers, and as someone said the problem is not only the link but the chain, Venezuela today politically, as well as Brazil economically, are two crucial points, does not mean that we divide the economy of politics. But Temer did not use fascist bands, as today does the Venezuelan Right, to maintain his slogans in fact favors the advance of fascism in the country.

Is there to choose?

Maduro could not think of anything better than to propose a constituent that is nonsensical, to oppose the MUD, this became the objective to boycott, with fascist methods, to start a coup, which is in full development, but also the Defense of nonsense is the mean by which the masses face the fascist coup.
This is the real, distressing scenario, is not desired, but who is not located, is doing a lamentable service to the fascist and murderous right. In that sense the elections to the candidates for the constituent is a crucial step, against the coup on the right, its failure opens the door to the rise of fascism

Then the constituent must be turned from the inside and especially from the outside, and Opción Obrera adds that only a workers' government is the alternative
On the other hand, with or without the constituent we must turn over the government, but first we must defeat the advance of fascism. There is no other way, for the time being.


The proposals are classy and concrete. We have no candidates. We do not trust but fight against the official Chavismo, nor do we subscribe to the PSUV, therefore we do not create illusions in the workers. And we also fight fascism. Send Evo to vote in his first election against the advance of the “half-moon”, or defend Dilma against Temer's coup, send in Syriza against Pasok, or defend Kerensky against Kornilov. They do not go against raising a socialist and working alternative. We are not religious

José Capitán

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