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martes, 18 de julio de 2017

In defense of a constituent rigged against a fascist coup

In defense of a constituent rigged against a fascist coup

The violence of the forces that struggle in Venezuela, lead to an expected outcome. The economic situation deteriorates irreversibly, chavismo as a government is finished and the alternative is the right now articulated in assault brigades murdering barbarically, from shots to stabbed and burned, burning health modules, buses, cultural premises, public care offices, whose only justification is their hatred of communism which they sadly associate with the government.

The government is trapped in a “cul-de-sac”, giving blows, including the repression of the GNB and the national police, who in times of normality or peace, rigorously exercise controls demanding the payment of "vaccine" or in Creole "by applying rattle ", now in the confrontation, are the repressors of always, overwhelmed by the advance of the fascists of the MUD. It is also relevant to denounce the motorized groups of lumpen, linked to mafias directed by prisoners, badly called collective, used by the government.

The  coup d'etat that is brewing by the extreme right is already bloody

It seems to be the cruel reality, already known through innumerable murders, they perceive that  the government is unsuccessful but still does not want to surrender, and the problem has not  two visions, between the MUD and the government, it has  another one, that is the working class and the communities that carry the worst part.

The left-wing Venezuelan desktop, social networks (twitter and facebook, among others) does not like the constituent  and prefers to look the other way, which finally favoring the right, which through its fight against the constituent -or without a constituent - has another objective, to impose the interests of the national capital and especially the foreigner taking whatever. 

At last,if the constituent is done, it already has sanctions offered by several governments of the right, and the vernacular left is also sworn to the above, both with democratic and false arguments. The whole truth is that the pseudo-constituent is the lure to do the complete work, to liquidate the revolutionary milestone begun in 1989, to crush any attempt of defense or resistance of the masses by what they has been achieved, the abject left that played its role of deviation from all life to the rise of the masses, once again serves, wonderfully the genuine and serene right.

It is necessary to point out that in Venezuela a prerevolutionary crisis has been opened, with ups and downs, since 1989, with key events such as the political crisis expressed in the events of 2002 to 2004, until reaching the "arrival", to the debacle of a bureaucracy which hit by the fluctuations of oil prices, when prices fell down, become failed. The workers although  have lost illusions in the populism, they do not allow themselves to be carried away by the harangues of the right.

Nevertheless, in all that period, the left did not transcend Chavismo, on the other hand  about 30% of Venezuelans still follow the government, with contradictions but without surpassing that perspective. The number of people who defend "the legacy of Chávez" is remarkable, even though we know that it was not just some welfare advances that they broke to decrease the oil income.

With all limitations, decreeing a constituent, which the Maduro government imposed, this slogan was initially raised by the right, although we need majority and correctly demanded by the left, today  the government seeks its salvation trough it and for that reason the right uses his rejection to carry out his coup. Therefore, the failure of this coup attempt is the immediate response that workers must achieve in order to avoid a compulsive exit to the economic crisis that look for the privatization of strategic resources and the destruction of labor law and rights social. It does not mean that Maduro's government does not go that way, and we do not fight it as we do daily, but right now, one thing is a failed populism and another is fascism. To fight against a probable military coup, we must also defeat fascism today

Nowaday, there are no democratic solutions, there are only two ways at this crossroads, towards authentic socialism through a workers' government or neo-fascist variants

Actually, the government seeks to extend its agony through an ANC, the problem is complicated because the right did not want to bite the comb of a constituent, in fact the government promotes it to their measure, including coercion to public administration workers for their participation. But the political scenario is not exactly as the MUD and the government want  to be; the right represented by the MUD, with its 4 main organizations, is not homogeneous and everyone is not longer than the PSUV, which still has strength in the neighborhoods of lower income sectors, as a whole, do not integrate to 50% of the population, but the popular discontent of the majority of the country play in favor of the MUD.

Among of constituent candidates, everyone are not government candidates, even thou the PSUV's daring to coerce people admitted by the electoral institutions, urging them to decline, although some agreed, others resisted. 

In both territorial and sectoral terms, there are chavista base elements that present unofficial proposals, aren’t trotkysts but combatives, in particular workers and representatives of the communities, the method chosen by the government had its mistakes that were able to use some postulates and were able to qualify, the amount of signatures needed was evidently much less than any other traditional electoral contest, although it was quite fast,  and collected the required demands on time, which contrast with the official postulates in terms of resources, but their proposals are not in vain. 

On the other hand, despite the meticulous method presented by the government, it gave other loopholes, such as the intention to reach the nomination as a representative of a sector with a number of signatures required, even by far, more feasible than in the 1999 constituent, it does not means that it will not be the position official that imposes itself, but 79 workers from different sectors will have to give some account to their constituent electors, where some elected are well representatives of the workers in struggle. Including the territorial sector (municipal), and sectors of the combative communes. 

As one worker from the “Barrio Adentro”  Mission said: "We have a voice of protest to the ANC, we do not carry a voice of applause"

Glossary Barrio Adentro   (literally means like neighborhood inside)  is a alternative health or care plan 

José Capitán

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