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sábado, 2 de septiembre de 2017

Facing the ANC and the elections to governors

Facing  the ANC and the elections to governors
A revolutionary political alternative is needed

The call made its effect, the MUD took a manifest political setback with the attendance at the elections on July 30, greater than the result of the popular consultation on July 16 called by the MUD, such is that the same July 30 the attempt to sabotage the elections was the end - for now - of the fascist siege, accompanied by mobilizations with  “guarimbera” actions.. This prevented the rise of  ultra-right government, like “el macrismo” is. Which would have liquidated the remaining social gains and opened up an opportunity for greater profits for capitalist speculation.

Trump's financial tightening of Venezuela, through economic sanctions, by prohibiting the participation of US capitals to new bond issues, continues with the goal of ending the catastrophic economy of the country, replacing the government and at last to destroy the social reaches ripped off during the populist Maduro’s goverment, an issue that the government is already doing. Bondholders are according to some indications 62% Americans, 12% belong to the English and 6% are Canadians.

The development of the ANC is not exhausted as a political expectation, as they know and take into account those of the empire and close to the next elections to governors, are an inescapable part of the scenario.

Respect to the advance in sanctioning the constituent as reactionary, does not exempt to adequately characterize the situation, much of the sector that voted the constituent sought by that way to conquer democratic demands, and even in defense of social rights. Or just only in describing or punishing the ANC as dictatorial but is related to the dictates of the imperialist circles that support all dictatorships in the world.

The reactionary answer of the Maduro-Diosdado government and its clan does not exempt us; on the contrary, it requires us to respond to that mass of workers and communities who, illusioned or dissatisfied, with the government, demand a solution to their needs, neither through the blessings of Pope Francisco nor the dialogue with the right, to rescue the country in a capitalist way at our expense. Non-payment of debt, unilaterally and indefinitely, the nationalization of banking and foreign trade to invest scarce resources in national production as the only way to respond to the serious problems of food and health is the way, which can only fully make it a workers' government.

Regarding the elections to governors, the PSUV manifests the power of the most important clans where  President Nicolás Maduro and Cilia Flores were ahead of the one of Diosdado Cabello and vice president Tareck El Aissami, where nothing new was given, beyond of placing other psuvist drones and 10 retired military personnel as official candidates. The PCV, servile as always declined its boisterous buff of vociferar to go with own candidates and it resumed its support to the candidates of the PSUV with the exception to 3 governorates with a ridiculous and mediocre argument, as if the other candidates for governors do not do the same thing, against the workers.

In these elections the right of the MUD exhibits their differences with dozens of candidates to settle in a primary, where like all their life, will be exempt of concrete proposals to respond to the economic situation in favor of the workers, which will not be different in the candidates of the PSUV.

Also in this occasion, candidates from the PSUV, but not favored by the apparatus, who resist the fingertips, where the most unfortunate thing is that they do not disassociate or demarcate from the nationalist demagogic populism of Chavismo, but on the contrary they cry out for a true chavismo of the origins, without realizing that its origin was what led to what we suffer, and worse it continues being sharpened. These rebel candidates take quotes from Chávez to support them, as well as the officers, because that arsenal of resources gives everything, let’s   call them the bad and the good “Chavismo” as the two sides of the same coin, where the official-endogenous is the one in charge who has the government  and does everything  to remain in power, at the cost of the collapse of the nation, without modesty.

These "free" candidates reflect the discontent of the bases of Chavismo, but they do not offer a political alternative to overcoming populism that has already failed, which inevitably passes through a concrete platform of struggle with a political characterization and slogans that respond to the gravity of the economic situation.

Facing the sectarianism, it is imperative to build a unique Anti-imperialist and Revolutionary Front that convenes a congress of social, community, trade union and fighter organizations that lay the foundations of this perspective.

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