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martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Venezuela today is the touchstone of the Latin American revolution

Venezuela today is the touchstone of the Latin American revolution

The outcome of the situation in Venezuela is decisive for all of Latin America, but it is not given the importance it has today and for this reason the Venezuelan process is not mentioned as the weakest link in the world imperialist chain, are the workers of this country the fundamental obstacle to unload the full weight of America's economic crisis on them and on the impoverished masses.

The government today has nothing revolutionary or progressive, but uses its origin (December 1998 Chavez, April 2013 Maduro), after the beginning of a popular uprising (1989) in response to the failure of the so-called pact of "Punto Fijo" (1) To defend themselves, while the masses still do not surpass the democratic illusions that this government sowed.

The reason for the strong international attack against Venezuela, especially by Trump and the EU, along with its chorus of acolytes, Latin American governments, especially the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, was the result of Maduro's initiative on a constituent. The real danger for which they put all their efforts is to prevent or end the strong social resistance and of the workers in particular, to lose everything achieved during the oil boom and that is now sought to reverse. 

The multiplier effect in Latin America of the challenge and the ability to fight to defend what was achieved during the rise of the price of raw materials is to defeat the Venezuelan workers. Needless to say, the constituent did not represent, by itself, any revolutionary alternative, the moment it was determined, the international encroachment.

We insist, it is not the constituent itself the basis of discord, it was the pretext of both sides to try to pass each one his way, his interest, for the control of oil, for its use and for the benefit that income the oil privatization leaves the country, the total privatization by the empire and its lackeys of the MUD (Mesa de Unidad Democrática means Bureau of Democratic Unity is the extreme right), and by the Maduro government, the change of percentages of private participation in the mixed companies of the Belt of the Orinoco where its partners in particular the Chinese and the Russians, aspire to a greater slice.

Along with all this, are the conquests of pensions, housing, education, welfare, transportation, which, although limited, and in a clear deterioration by the government's adjustment policy, which seek to bring them to the worst levels of misery and hunger as the only capitalist exit to the crisis.

There is a constituent for a while longer

The constituent is still an illusion where solutions are expected from the Chavistas bases (grassroot militants), which are the bastion that still mobilizes the government. While on the side of the National Assembly led by the MUD, it was even ridiculous the call for assistance to deputies, who is presided by the nefarious Julio Borges because neither the regulatory quorum is given on occasion to session.

In the ANC, the constituent, Earle Herrera, has already resigned from a "remarkable" one, for the brazenness of not addressing the debate of the anguished economic crisis, in addition, there is already a popular outcry for the same. This ANC, not born dead, fighting for their expectations on the street and their real role is part of the fight. On August 16, less than 15 days after being initiated, at the doors of its headquarters, 320 workers representing 11 states of the country were asked to comply with their pass to fixed charges of 29,000 workers of the Barrio Adentro Mission. In addition to calling the labor and health ministers, they were obliged to hold meetings for the next two days with a workers' commission and ratify the fulfillment of the agreed commitment.

The situation today poses a very arduous problem: to develop a political delimitation of all currents outside the interests of workers and the people that only lead to failure

The draconian measures suffered by Venezuelans are not sufficient, due to the rigorous payment of the debt made by the Maduro government. The oligarchic right requires putting its hands directly on the oil and income generated by its income, which is still administered by the government and part of it is taken away by the Chinese and now the Russians come to want to trade it.

The government takes crazy measures in order to avoid the disaster immediately worsening its perspective and with that of the country, through debt swap, new debts, low investment and therefore less production replaced by imports, issuance of inorganic money, then confiscation of the money issued and as a colophon hyperinflation.

Although this month of September is perceived more calm, without fascist actions, after the result of the elections to the constituent (July 30), the development of the economy fell even worse than the one that was suffering, which will lead without a doubt to revive the spirits on one side of the fascist attempts and on the other the popular discontent, the government responds with the ninth increase of salaries, too phyrric to avoid an overflow.

Before the next elections of governors, the authentic left must respond forcefully in clear confrontation with the populist candidates who in one way or another limp before the capitalist class. We must express the interests of workers and communities, who increasingly represent discontent over the brutal escalation of prices, through a plan of concrete struggle through organization in a revolutionary and anti-imperialist united front, to oppose power of capital and offer the alternative of a Workers' Government as the only answer to get out of the impasse we are in.

No to the payment of external debt Nationalization of Banking and Foreign Trade to dispose of these resources in domestic production and basic services.

General Salary Increase that responds to the annualized inflation index - Mobile Salary Scale - For a minimum wage that covers the family basic basket

(1) regime based on a 40-year "democratic" governance agreement (1958-1998), it is relevant to note that Venezuela from its independence from the Spanish crown, from 1821 to 1958, never really had a government formally born in democracy

José Capitán

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