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Propulsamos el desarrollo de una política proletaria al seno de los trabajadores tras su independencia de clase y una organización de lucha para su liberación de la explotación e instaurar El Gobierno de los Trabajadores, primer paso hacia el socialismo.

Ante la bancarrota capitalista mundial nuestra propuesta es que:


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martes, 30 de enero de 2018

Sinking capital and rescuing our lives

Recover capital at the expense of salary?
Sinking capital and rescuing our lives, that the product of labor be for workers

1 The cannibalism of a broken economy
1a It is demonstrated that economic war does exist, has always existed and is capitalism, through exploitation, of imperialism against oppressed nations, within the nation, of public and private employers against their workers, before governments of the “Punto Fijo” deal, today with Maduro and his team, see only the list of preferential dollars granted by government agencies for import since the change control was created, the first 15 are almighty companies in the world, automotive, drugs, food, the steel industry when it was from the techint group and one from Venezuela, the Polar Group, those benefited by bringing their products made anywhere in the world, with our cheap dollars to sell them to those who produce those dollars, the Venezuelan company favored , the beer and bagasse Polar food, used to build an emporium abroad, with all that money had been carried out the largest projects of national industries, both urban and in agriculture.

Maduro has said that the bicoca of 70,000 million dollars of debt has been paid, with that amount plus the dollars granted by Cadivi and Cencoex since 2004, would have built the best industrial park in Latin America along with a comprehensive agrarian reform.

Now we are in a paralysis of the economy, where it is not intended to leave the cause that produced it, only resort to warm cloths to lighten the fever. On the part of the government, they only take pains to look for how to obtain dollars to continue in the same. From the private sector, the industrial sectors became the best importing merchants, through the acquisition of preferential dollars, supplied by the welfare state and it is enough to hear Lorenzo Mendoza to realize that his actions are to continue demanding dollars to be able to continue producing, more parasite cannot be this national bourgeoisie.

The production when it is not zero is very low in all public and private companies, heavy industry in Guayana, the oil industry, all sectors of manufacturing, metalworking, plastics, chemicals, auto parts, tires, household appliances, and more complicated the disaster, before the confiscation of the money of the Venezuelans on the part of the banks, promoted by the BCV.

1b Extreme gravity situation only survive the most lucrative businesses that include food medicines, some indispensable services such as the transport of those same goods and something unheard, the via crucis to obtain cash
Despite the loss of value of the Bolivar, cash is very scarce, then there is the pathetic contradiction that the cash is sold, paid electronically, with debit or by transfer an amount in bolivars to receive a much lower amount of bolivars in cash and that is essential, because of the need to use it in transport, it is also common for the food to have a lower value in cash, and you cannot buy it and you must pay it with debit, which is sometimes up to 50% more.

There are those who make a circuit of retail sale of merchandise in cash and electronic, all at the expense of the consumer, where there is someone with access to wholesale regulated price, linked to the government, which is enriched due to shortages.

Banks when they have cash, because the remittance arrives, they have limited the amount per person, the users enter the bank by lots, until the bank does not allow more income due to the scarce quantity to be distributed, there are other limitations, a transaction by person and be the owner of the account, you can withdraw from a single affiliate accounts and do not pay third parties. A "corralito" disguised and cruel.

The transport is paid in cash and only for interurban transfers, the amount you can withdraw from the bank gives for one day, in many cities and towns the transfer is in trucks, vans, because the proper transport is unemployed because they argue they cannot cover the maintenance of the unit. The extra urban transport is almost impossible; a round trip costs as much as the monthly minimum wage and the payment is in cash.

About employment, many times a person is not hired to do a job because the salary is not enough to pay for transportation, much less food, an example for breakfast a pie is worth more than twice the value of the minimum daily wage. 10 empanadas equal a minimum monthly salary

The containment of a social irruption are the bonds, an aberrant call card of the country that forces the government due to hunger, a set of imported foods called clap, increasingly scarce and it reaches fewer people.

2 The government and the MUD two sides of the same coin

Today Venezuela is in a chaotic situation, the resolution of the crisis does not transcend the causes that led us to the collapse of the economy, because the political, negotiating and radical options of both the MUD and of the government, in their economic proposals they offer nothing different from a capitalist recovery, they differ in the form of achieving it, the method through an adjustment varies only in its intensity, liberation from exchange control, devaluation of the currency, increase in tariffs on services, facilities for private investment, especially supply of dollars by the State, more imports and wages of hunger. 

Both the extremists, and the conciliators of both sides seek social and economic stabilization, recover bourgeois governability, via fast, with shock therapy or slow, gradual with sedative, the two will be at the expense of us, especially the workers, with a retroces or in salaries, as we are suffering. Our purchasing power or real salary, has gone back decades, only in 2017 lost 84% of its purchasing power according to some analysts. 

The exact measure of the capitalists, a new exchange agreement, a new law of foreign investments and the reopening of the securities market. 

The vaunted non-dogmatic socialism, but modern adapted to this 21st century, went down in history. By any of these two routes the bestial fit and the other with Clap and bonuses, one with left hand and the other with right hand, do not raise anything outside the exploitation of man by man. So not everything is imputed to the empire and the Venezuelan right. 

3 The pseudo-left 

The survival of this government is not based today on broad popular support, but still large sectors resist and defend their modest employment, or their bonus. What the US and capital fear is an uprising out of control of the mass movement, the confrontation with the workers and the people with scarce resources, is what is expected.

A part of that left, uses arguments of support to Maduro under a "logic of the lesser evil" the other part, just as harmful, product of the despair of not having achieved something within the Chavism, cohabit with the traditional right. Both as well as disorienting, they are liquidators for any movement that begins its rupture with nationalism. As long as the fighters and the working class do not take the lead and do not take action to solve their needs, disasters will follow. There is still a fragile balance between a weak and erratic government and an opposition of the unpopular right, which aspires to become a government. 

The gringos are interested in their energy security, and that is why their concern for governance in Venezuela, their motive is oil and Take advantage of any situation to act. He does not invade because he cannot, the figures do not give him, not because he does not want to. He does not care who governs, but if that government serves his interests

4 There has never been an alternative program to these traditional and parasitic relations of production

In the elections nothing is proposed as a concrete proposal to address the hardships, only speeches, propaganda and promises Respect to the elections it is necessary to manifest and to assert that those who govern and who aspire to govern do not represent us. Therefore, we say above all to the workers and the people in general not to be fooled by the "messiahs" who will try to take advantage of the current crisis situation, let us not be fooled by the promises of elections, we have the null vote backed by a platform of revolutionary struggle 
The workers are not prepared to propose an alternative if they do not have a concrete project of struggle, assuming one can give a chance to overcome this crisis to their benefit. 

Only with a platform of revolutionary and organized struggle can the capitalist exit be defeated.

Punctual proposals in addition to those already known

Claps to publish the distribution sites, quantities and foods that contain the bags and boxes. Control by the communities of their management 

Transportation that an alternative emergency plan is given, the permissions of the abusers' lines are eliminated, the trucks are censed, their state who handles them, and the community is answered with the service. Each community knows with the real state of the line, the amount of transportation available, its quality, its drivers, its approved stops, its route, its schedule, the line must deliver account to the corresponding community. We have to expropriate the transport mafias. Food control over production, privilege to independent producers, assistance to the necessary infrastructure on the part of the state, planning on the needs of consumption and the communities that produce, guarantee on the distribution and its sale, without vaccines or intervention military or police.

The Wheat it must be eliminated the privilege that have the private bakers, is published in each site the amounts of the sacks delivered and the price paid along with the other inputs such as yeast, oil and sugar, the production of necessary "salted bread" is published and of the sweet bread. Let artisanal bakers privilege the true communal producers. Likewise, corn, the priority for the people, the publication of national production, quantities and places, distribution sites, prices and a transport system to supply the communities without intervention or vaccination by the police and the army. 

The medicines that are controlled imports, their import price is published quantities and purposes according to their requirements, control of Barrio Adentro workers and the communities on the storage and delivery of medicines.
No to the banking corralito, issuance of cash currency according to the needs, to establish a real and effective electronic payment platform. That the list of imports, import prices, quantities, and those supplied with amounts and prices be published, both food and supplies, spare parts, equipment. War against the mafias 

(1) It is essential to reorder the economy in order to benefit workers and communities throughout the country. Immediately requires nationalization of banking and foreign trade and all strategic sectors under workers' control, the elimination of payment of debt, no compensation to the robber capitalists, reorganization of the economy according to social needs without capitalist bosses nor bureaucrats. General salary increase to cover the basic family basket.

José Capitán

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