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sábado, 3 de febrero de 2018

Tillerson did not come for a walk

Tillerson did not come for a walk

Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, former President of Exxon Mobil until 2016, began a trip through the state of Texas plus 5 countries in Latin America, whose governments are the most unconditional and functional against Venezuela

On January 26 announced the reason for the trip the spokeswoman for the US government, Heather Nauert in an official statement

"The secretary will work with regional partners to promote a secure, prosperous, safe for energy and democratic hemisphere, and during his trip Secretary Tillerson will advocate for greater regional attention to the crisis in Venezuela."

The countries to visit are Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Jamaica, at the beginning of the trip in a university at the University of Texas in Austin, they declared that they believe there will be a change of government in Venezuela, we cite the most relevant and unacceptable.

"We want the change to be peaceful, that's always better than the alternative, a violent change" BBC world 02 02 18.
"In the history of Venezuela and other South American countries, the army is often the agent of change when things are so bad and leadership can no longer serve the people" (Idem)

He also noted that the easiest thing was for President Maduro to leave power on his own.
"I am sure that I have friends in Cuba who can give me a good opportunity to live next to the beach and even carry out a good life there", (Idem)

Tillerson also summoned all US ambassadors in the region to a closed meeting at the US embassy in Buenos Aires to unify a diplomatic strategy.

As you can see, the United States is very busy with Venezuela but first it passed through Texas, a state that refines Venezuelan oil. This is what they fear and motivates the gringos, oil primarily, but also the income that oil gives Venezuela and return to the US for more than a thousand ties that have the US companies in the country. Throughout the exchange control, decreed by Chávez, and continued by Maduro, the greatest beneficiaries of that control, nothing to do with anti-imperialism, were mostly American corporations, of the 15 first benefited companies, representing 20% of all the dollars granted, 6 are of North American capital, there is no Russian or Chinese.

But today all this is collapsed, the problem of oil is that PDVSA is in ruins, the economy of the country is paralyzed, with no way out of the quagmire, the government only cares about what is happening nowadays.

the government only worries about how to continue governing and continues to ruin the country.

"The great tragedy of Venezuela is that, although it could be one of the most prosperous countries in the region, one of the poorest," said Tillerson, understand that for him prosperity is capitalism, is to continue taking advantage of Venezuela.

This year, the IMF forecast that inflation, which reached 3,000% in 2017, tripled in 2018, reaching 10,000% and a fall in GDP. All this can lead to a degree of ungovernability resulting from a social explosion.

Nor is it coincidence that in Panama began a military exercises of the US Army, called "New Horizons" agreed with the government of Panama and will remain until July 15.

The Venezuelan government pronounced itself through Jorge Arreaza, who urged the Latin American countries to unite against a common enemy, outside of this discourse, there is nothing concrete both within the country, much less of the few allied governments.

For his part, the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, read on Friday, 02/02 18, where he highlighted the commitment of the armed forces to the country and covers the nefarious and criminal coercion of the Secretary of the State of the United States when expressing that ignores the Venezuelan reality and incurs interference.

In Venezuela it is happening that people die due to lack of medicines and malnutrition advances due to the famine that we are suffering, where the government prioritizes the payment of the debt to ... the gringos. The Opción Obrera's opinion on Venezuela is that the US government, never and playing trolleys and the reason for the trip of the secretary of state, as he himself said, increase the economic sanctions against Venezuela. These restrictions, in the end, hurt the workers and the communities.

The response to economic sanctions must be to the elimination of the profits of the US companies in the country, to ask for solidarity to the workers of Latin America, in particular, of the countries with bourgeoisie are aligned against Venezuela, contrary to the reactionary closure of the common border of Colombia or Brazil, there are also countries with empire, strong responses of all kinds against the economic siege that the US promotes should be promoted. With occupation and expropriation of US companies, especially oil companies.

An integral defense of the country can only be done by arming the people, with the creation of authentic armed militias autonomously, troops and people united.

The military command in Venezuela over the state companies, such as Corpoelec, the CVG, the cement companies, have been a failure. The production, distribution and control of food, are another failure on the part of the military, what works is smuggling, starting with gasoline to tickets, for Colombia. The role of the army's high command in each country is to guarantee exploitation by its bourgeoisie, within the context allowed by imperialism, where they regularly receive their share.

Opción Obrera poses: Authentic control by the workers of all strategic companies. Down with US imperialism. Unity of workers in Latin America against imperialism.
For a Workers' Government

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