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viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017

The Left, the working class and the National Constituent Assembly

The Left, the working class and the National Constituent Assembly

What can the working class do in an ANC in its struggle against exploitation?

We are experiencing a historic decline in the economy, seen from production, wages and employment. Our activity, in this case the realization of a constituent, has to respond to this situation.

Therefore the constituent is not to rescue the capitalist order that has been strangling us to this day, it is not for dialogue because of that, it is not to continue plundering the country.

It should also be made clear that the representatives of employers in a constituent are our class enemies, those who have always benefited, based on our work, protected by laws and their institutions.

Although the fiscal deficit is intended to be used to justify an adjustment against the people, the fact is that the bankruptcy of public finances is the direct result of the plunder of the capitalists on their own state. Now, as a result of that bankruptcy, the decline in foreign exchange earnings due to low oil prices, the lack of domestic production and the issuance of inorganic money, which is the basis of inflation, as it is always intended to leave, saving the capital and sacrificing the workers.

It is necessary for the workers to take the lead and organize as much as possible in each factory, each neighborhood, a new direction with a program, an alternative as a sectorial response to the constituent national assembly.

Based on the proposals presented by the government, "we collect the glove" and we propose:

For a policy of the autonomous working class and struggle in the constituent.

1. A Constituent Assembly to search for or guarantee peace.

The only stability to emerge from the fascist threat is on the basis of getting out of the economic crisis for our benefit and at the cost of those who plunged the country.

2. Build a new Post-Oil Economic System.

Stigmatizing oil revenues, has been a wild card, imposed by those who have held the usufruct of it, when - to the contrary - is a gift, an advantage, Venezuela is rather a country privileged to have access to that income and vilify that income it becomes fashionable when the price of hydrocarbons goes down, however, it continues to spend what little it enters, importing, for example, the CLAP, while private traders and assemblers continue to wait for cheap dollars to continue the feast.

The money that banks have is not theirs, the only way to invest those resources to the real benefit of the country, part of the nationalization of the bank, to direct it into National Production. No to the import of finished products, parts, spare parts and food that can be manufactured in the country. The country's priority is not the benefits to importers, merchants, bankers, military and bureaucrats of public institutions.

Deputies, if they are representatives of the people, can not have a salary higher than the average salary of a skilled worker. Increase in taxes on profits, higher profit higher tax

3. Advancing more in the State of Social Welfare

To give constitutional rank to the missions means to eliminate them as foundations and to go to autonomous institutes or directly to the ministerial train, abolishing the condition of its outsourced workers.

4. To promote the functioning of the Justice and Protection of the People System.

It is not a question of continuing to raise the immaculate conception of both the judges and the corrupt, who are associated, to end impunity of both requires popularly elected judges, for periods of moderate times and revocable at all times.

5. New forms of participatory democracy.

Popular power, sovereignty, constituent power, are bluff, but we have control through ownership over the means of production we cannot have power. The planning and surrender of all management, especially of public services, must not only cease to be secret, but should be published regularly for access by all Venezuelans.

The workers' control over production and the books of the administration are indispensable, and the workers must be elected in assembly, accountable and revocable by the same assembly. The communes, particularly their budget, do not depend on the gift at the discretion of an official, must be autonomous.

For the right to strike. Restore the exercise of the right to strike, to conquer the requirements of workers, to the abuses and arbitrariness of employers, no more dilations by the provinces and labor courts, not compulsory conciliation. For Freedom of Association. No to the obstacles they impose for the registration of organizations and union elections. Outside the intervention of the CNE and the RNOS in the trade union organizations No to the criminalization of labor and social protest. For the elimination of laws that restrict the freedom to protest. Immediate freedom for the workers who suffers from this outrage.

6 Sovereign Foreign Policy.

The nationalization of foreign trade is imperative and urgent, given the fall in imports, due to lack of foreign exchange and lack of domestic production, to determine what should be imported according to the country's priorities. The enrichment of privileged ones through the import business, along with scarcity, sales with surcharges of the products, only leads to finish of sinking the country.

Not to pay the foreign debt, besides reversing these resources in investments for the country, we take into account that both the old and the new foreign debt is obtained to favor the importers who were given foreign exchange for their enrichment, as well as to the parasitic bourgeoisie that has always bled out the country. We also demand a list of the "well-known companies of briefcase", as well as those that in exchange management favored these companies in acts of corruption, it is time to clean the house starting with those who have squandered the resources of the oil income.

7. Pluricultural character of the country. Cultural Identity and a New Venezuelanity.

The self-determination of the native peoples is not to violate or exploits their spaces and respect their autonomy.

8. Ensure future stability.

Authentic control on the part of the workers in the production. The control of workers on the management of expropriated enterprises is essential, which are quite and have failed, to the point that service or production are paralyzed, unusable or with little production, both by technological dependence and bureaucratic management. Workers for control must be elected in assemblies, revocable and accountable, the aim is to promote a harmonious and integral development, according to the needs of the country. No to the intervention or imposition of the management of outsiders to the productive process, including the military that with the command and the orders violate the most elementary democracy of purely civil processes. Down with corruption. Outside strange elements to the internal labor claims of companies.

 By an autonomous popular militia. That it responds directly to the communities, the workers in the factories, the workers and the communities in the field, the militia also have integral right of the economic and social benefits for their sustenance and that of their families.

9. The preservation of life and the human species. 

General increase of wages and salaries according to the annualized inflation index, and impose the sliding scale of wages, according to the increase of the cost of living, to reach a salary that meets the needs fundamental principles of the people, in addition to creating monitoring and control processes. The objective is to focus on a minimum wage sufficient to cover the family's basic food basket. For the immediate pass of the ticket basket to salary to increase the cash and the inclusion of that benefit for the holidays, bonuses and utilities of the workers. 

The budget of the State must stop being a tool of perpetuation of the capitalist exploitation. In order to be guided by a harmonious and integral development of the country, gas and petrochemicals are two branches derived from the oil exploitation that can be the industry leading, as well as the agricultural production advantageously usable by solar energy to the location of the country in the tropic. 

In each workplace, combative unions, grassroots workers, an assembly should be called to discuss local, regional, and national proposals to take to the streets with mobilizations and public acts a plan of struggle and a social transformation from a class perspective. 

Not only offer a proposal regarding the most immediate demands of the workers with respect to wages, working conditions, and the recovery of trade unions dominated by the bureaucracy. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to get involved in the development of our own political force, choosing our candidates for the ANC, and promoting a united front, not only in the union issue, to face struggles that exceed us by being isolated and being able to strike necessary to defeat the adjustment.

An original, sovereign constituent assembly with power is a step forward towards a Workers' government.

José Capitán

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