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Propulsamos el desarrollo de una política proletaria al seno de los trabajadores tras su independencia de clase y una organización de lucha para su liberación de la explotación e instaurar El Gobierno de los Trabajadores, primer paso hacia el socialismo.

Ante la bancarrota capitalista mundial nuestra propuesta es que:


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miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Declaration of the Aragua Struggle Platform (PLA):

Declaration of the Aragua Struggle Platform (PLA):

The country is suffering from the worst crisis so far experienced in the history of Venezuela from the point of view of the economy, which has repercussions in all areas of national life.

Although the fiscal deficit is intended to be used to justify an adjustment against the people, the fact is that the bankruptcy of public finances is the direct result of the plunder of the capitalists on their own state. As a result of this bankruptcy due to the decline in foreign exchange earnings because of the low oil prices, the lack of domestic production and the issuance of inorganic money, which is the basis of inflation, capital bankruptcy occurs, the greatest demonstration of which is the abrupt fall of GDP. In a continuous stagnation of the process of national accumulation initiated in the management of the fourth republic (specifically in the 1980s), today it is intended to leave bankruptcy privileging capital and sacrificing workers.

It has a concrete manifestation in the queues (shortage, due to the fall in imports), loss of purchasing power, worsening of social services, closure of companies, increased labor conflict, among others, which is the product of the specific form in which capital found to reproduce the dilapidation of oil revenue.

Stigmatizing the oil income has been a wild card imposed by those who have held the usufruct of it, when, on the contrary, it is a gift, an advantage. Venezuela is rather a privileged country to have access to that income and vilify it becomes fashionable when the price of hydrocarbons goes down, however, the little that comes in is still spent, importing, for example, the CLAP (imports of food that before they were produced here), while private merchants and assemblers waiting for cheap dollars to continue the feast.

Faced with this situation, the official Chavismo and the MUD are presented as two sides of the same coin in the capital attack against the living conditions of the Venezuelan population.

However, within the framework of this polarization the government launches the ANC, while the MUD deepens its fascist radicalization. In this sense, the PLA constructs an approach for the Venezuelan people, as a minimum way to strengthen the capacity to fight against capitalism, the cause of the evils we suffer, starting from the analysis of two elements that determine the current situation.


In almost 200 years of republican history, until today, the Venezuelan people have always been oppressed, the working class has been and continues to be exploited, arguments through more than 20 constitutions renewed or reformed throughout that period, have been for means of elections or consultations have been taken into account or we have been pleased, where the candidates to be elected or referendum approvals, are tailored to the rulers of power and bourgeois power or some of their fractions. It has always been intended that everything goes well or is arranged as the constitution allows.

We warn about the fact that legal changes constitute the expression of the economic needs of capital, therefore in a crisis such as the current becomes necessary to ignite the alarms and call to protect our own and no longer allowed the sale of the country to capital Foreign.

We see how in the process of the ANC, mechanisms have been created that preclude genuine participation from the grassroots, against which the same faces of the machinery of the PSUV are raised, avoiding the real proposals of workers and communities.

On the other hand, the MUD, taking advantage of the popular discontent, feeds an ascending process of fascistización summoning to the streets to sectors of the middle class and of the lumpen proletariado


In Venezuela the impoverishment of the middle class, along with the lumpen delinquency contracted by the MUD, with the help of US imperialist intelligence, stimulating racial hatred, plus the eagerness to apply adjustment policies to workers to save capital, is a breeding ground for a reactionary mass movement like fascism. Terrorism, in this case, is a tool used by fascists.

The lack of production and closure of companies, together with the conciliatory policy of the Bolivarian workers' center that prevents mobilization, is a disciplinary mechanism against the working class, in parallel, the right wing carries out fascist actions, at the moment embryonic for the crushing of political spaces for social struggle, expressing the interests of capital in crisis, as happened in April 2002, with the "exit" in 2014 and now with more murderous violence in 2017.

This economic and political crisis that the country is living is irreversible, administering the country as it has hitherto been done and before the advance of the fascist right the answer is, as it is fought from the commune or from the working class, fighting against capitalism. 

We propose the following points to overcome the fascist attempts and to leave the present crisis:

• The state budget must cease to be a tool for the perpetuation of capitalist exploitation. In order to be guided by a harmonious and integral development of the country, gas and petrochemicals are two branches derived from the oil exploitation that can be the main industry, in this sense, as well as the agricultural production advantageously usable by solar energy given the location of the country in the tropics.

• Nationalization of banking, to direct it in National Production. Not to the import of finished products, parts, spare parts, food, develop the resources of the country, to our benefit and not to importers, merchants, bankers, military and bureaucrats of public institutions.

• The nationalization of foreign trade is imperative and urgent in the face of falling imports, due to lack of foreign exchange and lack of domestic production, to determine what should be imported according to the country's priorities. The enrichment of privileged ones through the import business, coupled with scarcity and the sale with surcharges of the goods, only leads to finish sinking the country.

• No to external debt payment. In addition to reversing these resources in investments for the country, we note that both old and new external debt is obtained to favor importers who were given foreign exchange for enrichment, as well as the parasitic bourgeoisie that has always bled to the country. We also demand a list of the "well-known companies of briefcase", as those who in exchange management favored these companies in acts of corruption, it is time to clean the house starting with those who have squandered the resources of the oil income.

• Popular power, sovereignty, constituent power, are hollow words, we can not have power if we do not have control of ownership over the means of production.

• The planning and surrender of all management, especially of public services, must not only cease to be secret, on the contrary, they must be of regular and public access for all Venezuelans.

• Communes must be autonomous; in particular their budget can not depend on the gift at the discretion of an official.

• Authentic labor control over the production and accounting books of the administration is indispensable. In particular, about the management of expropriated enterprises, which are quite and had failed, whether service or production are paralyzed, unusable or with little production, both by technological dependence and by bureaucratic management. The aim is to promote a harmonious and integral development, according to the needs of the country with the workers exercising control, elected in assemblies, revocable and accountable. No to the intervention or imposition of the management of outsiders to the productive process, including the military that with the command and the orders violate the most elementary democracy of purely civil processes. Out corruption. Outside the elements extraneous to the internal labor claims of companies.

• For an autonomous and armed popular militia that responds directly to the communities, the workers of the city and the countryside. Militia members also have a comprehensive right to economic and social benefits for their livelihood and that of their families.

• For the right to strike. Restore the exercise of the right to strike to conquer the requirements of workers, to the abuses and arbitrariness of employers. No more delays on the part of the provinces and labor institutions of the state.

• For freedom of association. Outside the intervention of the CNE and the RNOS. No to the obstacles they impose for the registration of organizations and union elections.

(Glossary: CNE Consejo Nacional Electoral  means National Electoral Council and RNOS Registro Nacional de Organizaciones Sindicals means  registration of trade union organizations)

• No to the criminalization of labor and social protest. For the elimination of laws that restrict the freedom to protest. Immediate freedom for the workers who suffer from this outrage.

• General increase in wages and salaries according to the annualized inflation index, and impose the mobile scale of wages according to the increase of the cost of living, reaching a salary that covers the basic needs of the people, in addition to creating follow-up processes and control. The objective is to focus on a minimum wage sufficient to cover the family's basic basket. For the immediate pass of the ticket basket to salary to include that benefit in the calculation of overtime, night bonus, vacations, bonuses, utilities and social benefits of workers.

• Deputies, if they are representatives of the people, can not have a salary higher than that earned on average by a qualified worker. If the deputies want to raise wages, they must raise the worker's salary.

• Neither the wage is  gain nor  income that equals the profit of the capitalists. It is to the income of the capitalists, their profits, where the highest taxes must be applied. 

• In order to advance in the welfare state, it is necessary to give constitutional rank to the missions, which means to eliminate them as foundations and pass them to institutes autonomous or directly to the ministerial train, abolishing the condition of outsiders to their workers.

• To enhance the functioning of the system of justice and protection of the people we must stop to exalt the immaculate conception of both the judges and the corrupt, who are associated . In order to end impunity for both, popularly elected judges are required, for periods of moderate time and can be revoked at any time 

• The self-determination of the native peoples must not violate or exploit their spaces and respect their autonomy.

• Increase investment in education and research, which must be a function of national interests. 

We call on those who participate in the process of the constituent national assembly, who are not interested in participating, the working class, to fight after a Platform of Concrete struggle for our class interests to suppress exploitation. Last but not least, socialist society is the only alternative to achieve peace.

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