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miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2017

There is no possible way to get out of the crisis without production

Produce to reach a salary that covers the basic needs of a family not to maintain a speculative and parasitic bourgeoisie

There is no possible way to get out of the crisis without production

In order to restart production, a dismantled industrial device has to be set up

The constant and vertiginous increase in public spending produced a deep fiscal deficit, to which the Maduro government resorted to the issuance of monetary mass to cover this deficit. For almost 100 years all the governments of the day have covered the nation's budget with the revenues from the sale of oil, which when they decreased they were alleviated with debt and taxes, then when the oppression of the debt became more burdensome, we arrived, product of the centennial parasitism, to the current stage.

 After several years of declining GDP, that is without support for goods and services, the icing on the cake put a control of change, where much of the so-called preferential dollars were granted to businessmen, especially foreigners, who preferred to import with cheap dollars abandoning the little national production, this led to the dismantling of the insufficient industrial apparatus that existed.

As particular cases, it is good to highlight that PDVSA especially, but also the basic companies of Guayana, all bankrupt, the same happened to them, they generate foreign currency as income which is delivered to the BCV or to the surrogate institution, whether is euphemistically Investment funds or anything, call Cadivi or Cencoex, in return the government provides bolivars for operation, producing a deficit and lacking money for their investments, all these plants are only their spoils.

The stage in which we find ourselves has turned into a vicious circle, where the money supply increases to cover a growing fiscal gap, a black hole that swallows the few skillful resources that we have left.

However, this issuance of currency without sustenance, has reached disaster, being more expensive the role of monetary issue of greater value than its nominal value, in addition to issuing new banknotes with greater denomination, has also exceeded inflation, with the new bs. 100,000 do not buy an egg carton, creating chaos due to lack of cash, all this has led to a hyperinflationary spiral, which now exceeds three figures per year.

Additionally and harmful is the magnitude of the extraction from gasoline, food, even the tickets themselves to neighboring countries through smuggling, exacerbating the national deficit, as well as the shortage where the "guardians" of the nation, from the police to the GNB , are the main actors and at least accomplices of the mafias. Product of the exchange differential, a tank truck with 37,000 liters of gasoline does not even cost three dollars on the black or parallel market.

Another intolerable point is the banking “corralito” that we are suffering, not only with the lack of cash due to the amounts that the banks give, but with the deficiencies of the electronic payments, allowed by the government and preventing the bank from exploiting. The government in this case protects the banking system, by preventing the ruin of that financial aberration at our expense.

There are two ways to guide the country and give answers to get out of the crisis

Given this diagnosis, the ways or responses from the academy, economic advisers, consultants, critical economists to the so-called Marxists as well as those representing the government, all have the same objective, only with differences in rhythm or method, rescue or refloat the capitalist economy.

All its alternatives do not propose anything outside the following, its goal is to close the abysmal fiscal deficit, and as it comes from a wasteful public expenditure, they promote the cut of it, they call it rationalizing, and with this they seek to compensate the profits, through the argument of the private investment that will generate goods and services, and the capitalist market will present them where to make them. 
 Likewise, public spending will be efficient, transparent and fair to them, for which they will need to reaffirm and comply with the bourgeois state of the law, regard for private property, facilities or elimination of bureaucratic obstacles, financing of investments and, of course, aid social to critical points or compensations to avoid a social overflow. Of course, unification of the exchange rate, renegotiation of the debt, without discarding under the conditioning of the IMF.

The opposite route, is not to continue living only from the oil rent, this antagonistic alternative is located before the crisis with proposals to be paid by those who caused it and not the workers. There are no average terms, or hot cloths because of the depth of the crisis.

What do we propose, for the crisis to be paid by them?

Change control is necessary, in The US, the most liberal country in the world outward and to the workers, is protectionist of its capital, and Trump's deranged even more, or can Citgo transfer its dividends to Venezuela? Regarding the single exchange rate, our currency will not touch bottom as long as there is no production to support it, it will continue to depreciate. A type of change isolated from the context of the entire economy of the country is absurd, the money is in the banks, even the exchange houses and their fate or priority is in the interests of big capital. In order to determine the destiny of this money, banks must be nationalized, not under the control of the Merentes, or of Sanguino or Ramón Lobo, but under the control of the workers so that they use it for their benefit, therefore for the urban and rural collectivities, not of the businessmen or of the private banking, only this way it is possible, for example, to eliminate the "agriculture of ports".

Jointly, Foreign Trade must be nationalized, so as not to import what the businessmen want for their benefit, but not for Venezuela, it is necessary to import what is strictly necessary to start the national industry, and not to favor the industry of China, or any other country, always under the control of workers and the public domain, opened without secret diplomacy, not under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and international investment so that they continue to allocate the foreign currency to import food that was previously produced in the country, such as coffee, sugar or beans. 

The external debt, the government boasts of being a serial payer and now, in order not to decay, it proposes a restructuring of the debt, which means more debt and in worse conditions, they only run the wrinkle. There is no international investment, nor for the largest oil reserve in the world, financial capital only comes to buy or refinance bonds, the answer is the suspension of the payment of the debt and that the resources of the country are to invest them in the country and not to pay more indebtedness. Greece and Argentina are two countries with debt restructurings with international banks and vulture funds, each time they get more debt, apply the adjustment and their creditors are the ones that benefit. 

The salary must cover the needs of the basic family basket, all the cost structures under capitalism are priorities for the business and so the economy of the country works, but the cost structure of the employee is the only one that is not taken into account, it does not even give to pay the transport to go to continue being exploded. Urgent and General Salary Increase to compensate the inflation of the last twelve months, as well as continue with a sliding scale of salaries according to monthly inflation. 

In the global capitalist crisis, even prestigious capital owners or their representatives warn of a possible new crash, worsening debacle started in 2007, so no one will come to the aid of the aspirations of capitalist recovery proposals from the ultra Fascist right up to the so-called Marxist economists, hence, its expression in a fragmented MUD, which despite the economic disaster of the country ruled by Maduro, fails to unify or in an election of mayors. 

In view of this, they repeatedly propose dialogues or negotiations to reach an agreement, resulting in only failures, due to their inabilities - both sides - to accomplish nothing, this is the current political problem, an economy adrift without any horizon, the balance is fragile and the left makes him comparsa through his impotence. 

Our alternative, the combative trade unions, the communal organizations, the workers 'responses behind a platform of revolutionary struggle are the only way, towards a workers' government. Venezuelan capitalism does not meet the necessary conditions to stabilize its political and class domination. The table is served

José Capitán

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